Hydrology and Hydraulics

Hydrology and Hydraulics

As hydrologic and hydraulic engineers, we have extensive experience in hydrologic investigations, bridge hydraulics, geomorphology, stable channel design, scour computations, countermeasures, flood plain analysis, and permitting. UB Consulting Engineer Ltd’s work for roads has taken us all over Uganda.

Field reconnaissance and data collection is a critical part of hydrologic and hydraulic efforts, which identifies potential problems at bridge sites or other areas that require drainage analysis and design. Our staff routinely addresses concerns regarding flooding, stream stability, maintenance, and environmental impacts.

Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling

We use a full suite of modeling tools available for hydrologic and hydraulic analysis, which provides the capability and flexibility to use tools most appropriate for any given project, including:


  • SCS TR-55 – Urban Hydrology for Small Watersheds
  • SCS TR-20 – Computer Program for Project Formulation Hydrology
  • AHYMO – AMAFCA Hydrologic Model
  • COE HEC-FFA – Flood Frequency Analysis
  • COE HEC-1 – Flood Hydrograph Package
  • COE HMS – Hydrologic Modeling System
  • HEC-HMS – Hydrologic Modeling System
  • SWMM – Storm Water Management Model
  • WMS – Watershed Modeling System


  • Culvertmaster– Culvert Flow Model
  • StormCad– Closed Conduit Flow Model
  • Flowmaster– Open Channel Flow Model
  • FHWA WSPRO – Water Surface Profiles
  • FHWA HY-8 – Culvert Flow Model
  • COE HEC-2 – Water Surface Profiles
  • COE HEC-RAS – River Analysis System
  • FLO-2D – Two-Dimensional Flow Routing Model

Sediment Transport and Specialized Programs

  • COE SAM – Stable Channel Design
  • COE HEC-6 – Scour and Deposition in Rivers & Reservoirs
  • COE SED-2D – Two Dimensional Sediment Transport Model

Other Specialized Drainage Services

  • Bridge & Culvert Scour Investigations
  • Channel Stability Analysis & Countermeasures
  • Specialized Hydraulic & Sedimentation Studies with Two- and Three-Dimensional Modeling
  • FEMA Floodplain Hydraulic Analysis
  • Detention/Retention Basins
  • Wetlands/Habitat Mitigation
  • Floodproofing
  • Stormwater Collection System
  • Pump Stations
  • Expert Witness Testimony

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