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Newly Pregnant

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Postpartum Health

Pregnancy gives rise to a multitude of questions and choices. Empower yourself by learning what you need to know about pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum health, and other pertinent topics.

At Choices in Childbirth, we believe that nothing is quite so activating as self-education. So greet yours with gusto—after all, knowledge is power. Learning it all can feel daunting, but getting started is easy.

Read a birthing book, sign up for a workshop, or watch this documentary on childbirth. There—you’ve just taken your first step! Next, reach out to expecting parents, providers, and birth organizations in your area to get fresh perspectives and build your birth community.

Start small, and let curiosity be your guide. Before you know it, you’ll be gaining an invaluable education…and making choices that fit your philosophy and desired experience.

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